About Us

Tuesday, 27 July 2021 at 16h00 — CONCLUDED

The Welding Federation is Africa’s prime network of professionals and practitioners, educators and trainers, academics and representatives of learning institutions committed to improving the science and engineering of welding technology across the African industry space.



The Federation is proud to announce its inaugural webinar for partners across the continent on Tuesday, 27 July at 16h00 (CAT).


The webinar will be co-ordinated by SAIW Training Manager Shelton Zichawo with a presentation on fundamentals in welding; fulfillment of design requirements as a key to competitive positioning. This will be followed with in-depth discussion on relevance and application of welding standards for WPS and Welder Qualification across focus industries;

  • Railway
  • Gas Pipelines and Facilities
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel

Finally, an interactive question and answer session will cater for attendees who wish to find out more about a particular aspect of the discussion or ask any other general questions they might have.



The webinar is free and suitable for anyone involved in welding or welding related industries.

The Welding Federation of Africa (WELDFA ) is a newly established entity for welding associations and professionals from across the continent that provides a forum for the discussion of welding-related matters in Africa. This collective platform aims to develop and grow welding skills across the continent and provide a collective source of assistance for welding-related queries.