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Manufacturing is the backbone of any industrialized nation. Manufacturing and technical staff in industry must know the various manufacturing processes, materials being processed, tools and equipment for manufacturing different components or products with optimal process plan using proper precautions and specified safety rules to avoid accidents. Beside above, all kinds of the future engineers and technician must know the basic requirements of workshop activities in term of man, machine, material, methods, money and other infrastructure facilities needed to be positioned properly for optimal shop layouts or plant layout and other support services effectively adjusted or located in the industry or plant within a well-planned manufacturing organization.
Welders Society Uganda is Uganda’s network through which professionals and practitioners, educators and trainers, academics and representatives of learning institutions collaborate in different network bodies to improve science and engineering of materials joining in Uganda. With its widespread reach, Welders Society Uganda gives its members a global platform through which they can interact with other industry professionals for discussions and exchanges of information. In addition, members are privy to updates and invitations to various exhibitions and talks of the industry around the region. With the Society’s increasing stake in the industry, we are now involved in the development of national and international standards of welding as well.
  • To promote the advancement of the science, art, process, occupation, practice, and standard of welding and other processes associated with or having the same or similar functions or purposes as welding or other allied, ancillary or complementary sciences, arts, processes, and occupations and industries (welding, associated processes and other allied, ancillary or complementary sciences, arts, processes and occupations being hereinafter referred to as “welding’).
  • To undertake, arrange, supervise, provide facilities for and otherwise promote and assist research with respect to welding.
  • To undertake, arrange and promote the transfer of welding technology for the benefit of Members and the welding industry.
  • To undertake, arrange and promote education, training, qualification, certification, consultancy, and technical support for the benefit of Members and the welding industry.
  • To promote the advancement of welding technology and associated industries locally
  • To ensure welders are equipped with safety gadgets at all times with in the welding industry.
Through its membership of TWF, the welding society is building more alliances and collaborations to deepen technical depth in its range of courses offered locally and as well issue certificates readily recognizable and acceptable across industries in the African continent.
National Member
Welders Society Uganda (WSU)
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Join our growing network of industry professionals and get standardized in materials joining technologies.

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