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Welding technology was practiced in Nigeria for decades under different umbrellas until the establishment of Nigerian Institute of Welding (NIW. Established in 1980 as Nigerian Institute of Welding under the corporate affair commission of Nigeria, its objective centers on disseminating information on welding technology, education, training and certification. It also conducts conferences, seminars and symposia for the general benefit of industry, including professional bodies, government and private organizations.
NIW is a member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). A body made up of over fifty-two member countries responsible for the development of the global quality of life through the application of welding technology. Through its member countries across the world, IIW carries out developmental activities in its several committees and commissions to improve the advancement welding technology across each regions of the world and according to the local content gaps in welding technology.
NIW-ANB achieved IIW-IAB accreditation in 2012 as an Authorized Nominated Body (ANB) to implement guidelines on welder training, qualification and examination leading to the award of IIW International Welder Diplomas in Nigeria and subsequently other cadres of IIW Welding Personnel Qualification Diplomas in the year 2016.
Since it achieved accreditation status in 2012, NIW-ANB has both collaborated and as well supervised training and examination activities leading to the award of several IIW qualification diplomas across varying levels including welders, welding practitioners, welding specialists, welding technologists, welding engineers and welding inspectors.
In line with the requirements, NIW-ANB implements IIW qualification schemes in Nigeria through the accreditation of training bodies in line with IIW training body for conduct of all or specific scopes from the series of welding personnel training, qualification and examination schemes on offer. Accreditation is based on verified competence in line with specified requirements detailed in the respective program guidelines. At the moment, IIW has accredited training services providers across all the schemes on offer. Nationally, NIW-ANB is also the diploma awarding body for other national and continental based Skill Qualification Schemes.
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