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The Libyan Advanced Professional Center for Welding Technologies was established with the aim of localizing the techniques of traditional and advanced welding processes and conducting scientific research in this field to be a national expert house in the work of metal welding.
The Centre was a member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). A status which it lost due to socioeconomic and political circumstances prevalent in the country. The Centre is working towards re-establishing membership status and promoting welding technology in Egypt to best practice standards.
An internationally accredited centre that transfers and localizes knowledge and technology, that meets international requirements to achieve local and regional reference in the field of welding techniques.
The Message
Harnessing the available capabilities and exerting efforts to build, train and qualify national competencies with high professionalism, conduct research and studies, transfer knowledge, localize technology and employ it to serve the community, and provide specialized advisory services in welding engineering sciences and its applications.
  • Keeping abreast of global development and transfer of modern technology and ways of quality applications in the field of welding.
  • Conducting research, studies and projects related to welding techniques.
  • Preparing qualified scientific cadres in the field of welding techniques.
  • Establishing scientific and research links and cooperation with local and international centres.
  • Contracting with companies and bodies to follow up on welding, inspection and testing works.
  • Issuance of approved technical certificates and their conformity with recognized international specifications.
National Member
Libyan Advanced Professional Center for Welding Technologies
Qualification & Certification

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