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TWF welcomes PETAN onto its board as representative of Material Manufacturing Industries in West Africa



The Welding Federation is pleased to welcome the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) onto her Board representing industries across West Africa. PETAN is an association of Nigerian Indigenous Technical Oilfield service companies in the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil industry. PETAN since establishment has demonstrated exceptional commitment to its vision and now metamorphosed into an association with a combined project revenue of over $500 million, 80 leading manufacturing company members, serving 29 industries.


Established in 1990 with the vision to acquire, develop, advance and promote petroleum technology for the benefit of Nigerians, PETAN currently stands as the strongest industrial network in West Africa and maybe the successful group in Africa, in terms of commitment, experience and success in terms of local content achievements across all strata of the oil and gas industry.

Host of the annual Sub-Saharan Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (SAIPEC) which brings countries across the continent towards the effective and efficient Africanization of Africa’s oil, gas and energy industries. PETAN nurses a vision which complements the vision of TWF. She therefore brings to the Board of the Federation, a realistic and critical industry dimension to TWF activities, products and services.

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