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Completed forms can be emailed to: info@weldfa.org




Details of proposed Official Representatives to the TWFA:


We, the undersigned, certify that the statements contained herein are true. We agree that in the event of our election to a TWF Membership, we will be governed by the Memorandum of Incorporation of the TWF as now formed or as they may hereafter be altered. We will advance the objectives of the TWF so far as this lies in our power and will attend its meetings, as advised from time to time, as often as possible. We undertake, if elected, to pay the membership fees. If, however, we signify in writing to the Membership Secretary that we are withdrawing our membership from the TWF, we shall (after paying all arrears which may be due by us at that time) be free from obligation.


The TWF is a Technical Institute whose functions are to organize the exchange of information by means of lectures, pub lications and a Library and Information Service; to establish standards of training and education in the int erests of welding development and to co-operate in promoting standardization and research.

Membership, which is open to individuals, companies and to educational associations, affords opportunities of sharing in a common pool of information and of keeping abreast with the growth of technical knowledge.


Membership Categories

National Member: Any nationally recognised body for welding and joining technology or formally incorporated groups or welding associations existing in African States. The annual cost of this membership is 1,500 US Dollars.

Regular Member: Any organised and incorporated association, union, institution, body; and any corporate organisations existing in Africa involved in and carrying out welding and welding related activities and programs including training, inspection, research, development, fabrication, construction, installation, etc., as well as such formal bodies who intend to be involved in welding and welding related activities. The annual cost of this membership is 1,000 US Dollars.

Associate Member: Any corporation or other incorporated organisation that does not necessarily carry out welding and related activities but are desirous of an association with the company to promote their goals and participate in company activities and programmes. The annual cost of this membership is 1,000 US Dollars.

Individual Member: Any individual involved in the practice or business of welding and related technologies. The annual cost of this membership is 100 US Dollars.

Honorary Life Member: Any individual who, whether otherwise qualified for Membership or not has made an outstanding contribution to the Industry or to the Company and who in the Board’s opinion id worth of such Membership. An Honorary Life Member is not required to submit a membership application to the Board.

The Welding Federation of Africa (WELDFA ) is a newly established entity for welding associations and professionals from across the continent that provides a forum for the discussion of welding-related matters in Africa. This collective platform aims to develop and grow welding skills across the continent and provide a collective source of assistance for welding-related queries.