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TWF CWC extends free invitation to welders for its continental welding competition 2024


— TWF Nigeria —

TWF has extend free participation invitation to welders from Africa’s fifty four member states to participate in TWF continental welding competition 2024 (TWF CWC 2024) being organized in collaboration with ESAB as gold sponsors on the theme “EXPANDING ELASTICITY OF WELDING SKILLS IN AFRICA.

TWF CWC 2024 will feature three categories of competition for the competing welder from all over Africa (SMAW, GMAW, combined process) and winners from each of the categories will be entitled to mouthwatering prices by ESAB, as well as engagement opportunities with leading manufacturers in Africa. For participation, visit

TWF CWC 2024 comes up from 4-7th of March,2024 and will hold alongside TWF 2nd Annual Assembly and Conference on Materials Manufacturing Technologies-Managing Capacity Africa which hold from 5-8 March,2024 at Eko Hotel, Lagos Nigeria.

TWF CWC 2024 is pleased to announce that it has extended free invitation to this prime event to welders and welding associations from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Morrocco, Senegal, Seria Lone, Cote d Ivoire, Libya, Mauritania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Liberia. Others in view are Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gambia and Gabon, all others are welcome.

This free invitation to participate includes free accommodation and feeding during the duration of the competition to all participating welders and the judges. It is hoped that national associations, service providers and leading vocational institutions will utilize this opportunity to expose their welders, as well as build bonds across Africa.

TWF CWC 2024 does not aim primarily to distinguish between the best and the worst welders but to create an atmosphere that will expand the elasticity of welding skills in Africa to measure close to robots. An atmosphere that will engineer the cross breeding of ideas and experience to deliver tasks with speed, accuracy and meeting specified quality requirements.

Ayo Adeniyi states, “In Africa, we need jobs, because there are more idle hands than engaged hands. We must therefore nurse and sustain all openings for humans. This is the basis why in addition to training and certification, Africa must continually engineer conditions and environments which push the boundaries of welding related skills in Africa to unprecedented levels continually, to ensure that welding skills in Africa consistently measure up with dynamic quality demands of today’s complex products requirements.”

TWF develops programs and activities, and establishes collaborations that factually addresses the core line issues for Africa’s manufacturing industries. Driven by the mandate to build capacity and grow Africa’s manufacturing industries for increased profitability, TWF CWC will become an annual event, equipping African welders with the combination of skill and attitude to push toward robot like welding perfection.

About: The Welding Federation (TWF) is an association of societies, bodies, associations and stakeholders involved in either the dissemination of knowledge or application of welding technology across member countries in the continent. TWF is a ‘Not for Profit’ organization incorporated in South Africa. It is the continental body responsible for coordinating activities in the science and application of joining technologies, providing a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among researchers, industry and educators, harmonization in skill development templates, disseminating leading-edge information and best practices for the growth and sustenance of Africa’s manufacturing industry.

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