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TWF – CWB group signs MoU

The Welding Federation (TWF) and Canadian Welding Bureau Group (CWB Group) are both pleased to announce to Africa’s manufacturing industry of a TWF – CWB memorandum of understanding effective 14th of August,2023.

This memorandum of understanding details mutual recognition of personnel qualification certificates from both bodies. Specifically, it implies mutual recognition and promotion TWF personnel qualification diplomas in Canada’s manufacturing industry and its domain of influence and CWB personnel certification system in Africa’s industries.

CWB is an institution with decades of top-level performance history with several ice breaking contributions to the welding industry globally. A firm reputation in premium services and a wide collection of high-quality welding standards and codes developed through years of research and data gathering. Expert opinion will readily posit that CWB implements the most rigorous welding standards and personnel qualification requirements across different spectrums and areas of specialization globally.

Ayo Adeniyi, Executive Director of TWF states “In Africa, we need jobs, because there are more idle hands than engaged hands. Unfortunately, either ignorantly or by deliberate misguidance we have often confused activities for productivity, motion for accomplishments and most importantly, certificates for empowerment. While skill consists, it is but a component of the empowerment matrix. What Africa needs is an industry solution, not simply empowerment”. Growing industries goes far beyond just skill development, it is system thing and this is what TWF is addressing.

The TWF-CWB group collaboration is a perfect union in a perfect time that is sure to make positive impact for Africa in terms of identity management, access to opportunities beyond Africa, access to high quality skills and research support. In two opinion polls conducted in the first and second quarter of 2023 with a focus on access to professional jobs, as well as general standards of living, North America came distance first, followed by Asia and Middle East.

Ayo comments further, thanks to the unalloyed commitment of members of TWF board on the vision and passion to establish the emerging narrative now being witnessed though this publication, A new narrative to put Africa on the scene, to capture and apply African solutions in Africa’s industries. Africa has enough potentials to engage its skilled population and demand more, it however needs to integrate capacities and capabilities to adequately harness these potentials. Including attracting or connecting Africans to opportunities beyond Africa due to its high youthful population.

The TWF-CWB MOU will empower Africans with both the skill to demonstrate expertise in Africa’s industries and also equip candidates with the skill and access to opportunities in Canada’s industries, specifically in boiler making and automotive welding.

Full accreditation of Vocational Training Institutions (private and public) within the TWF network will commence by last quarter of 2024 for implementation of TWF Welder and welding Inspector programs across all member states, as well as CWB Boiler welder and Automotive welder programs. The latter will serve to formalize Africa’s automotive repair industries, professionalize the practice, and create access to jobs both within and beyond Africa.

The TWF network currently spans across 16 member countries in Africa and growing. The purpose of TWF as Africa’s table of solutions in manufacturing is to keep building capacities, sustaining frameworks for the integration of national capacities and resources, and optimize opportunities associated with manufacturing industry across all of Africa’s members states at an Africanized cost.

TWF 2nd Annual Assembly and conference on “Materials Manufacturing Technologies- Managing Capacity Africa” is scheduled to hold from 5-8 March,2024 in the iconic city of Lagos, Nigeria.

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