Technical Resource

Technical Knowledge

WeldFA is an African based network of professional and practitioners committed to publishing internationally reliable technical knowledge in welding and related technologies. This verified knowledge is made readily available and accessible to African member states through best practice statements, technical standards, journals and a range of other documents. WeldFA technical knowledge platform offers a continental window for the recognition and utilization of technical outputs by industry, research and training organizations around the continent. This output gives access to up-to-date knowledge and integrated expertise in the many fields of materials joining.


WeldFA Resource Materials

Participation in WeldFA Network Body activities by professionals and practitioners in the continent strengthens relationships between industry and academic researchers, transmuting channels to continentally sponsored research projects across African learning institutions and competitive benefits for industry including workforce, technical knowledge for sustainable competitiveness of industrial development. WeldFA optimizes contributions from industry experts in the development of its technical resources, and provide a critical link to ensure WeldFA is responsive to industry needs.

Network Bodies

WeldFA Network Bodies (NB) -– are shared platforms in and through which data and information on best practices are presented, verified and compared by expertise of practitioners, scientists, engineers and other specialist personnel across the continent. Consensus in opinions via juggling of inputs births technical decisions applicable across industries in the continent.

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