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Petrojet to deepen participation in Africas’s matured materials manufacturing industry through ISO 3834 manufacturer certification

— Petrojet (EGYPT) —

The Meeting

TWF campaign train on building and Integrating Africa’s manufacturing capabilities made a major stop at Petrojet. Petrojet is one of Egypt’s biggest materials manufacturing companies with extensive project experience across diverse industrial products range and special materials, and with delivery record across Africa and Middle East.The tripartite meeting between TWF-CMRDI-Petrojet touched on a range of subjects on Africa’s manufacturing industries and the burdens of how to grow manufacturing for continental benefit. TWF briefed the management of Petrojet of her stream of activities towards growing manufacturing, creating and supporting an ecosystem of competitive manufacturers across Africa as frontline champions addressing the most complex tasks in Africa’s manufacturing industry space. An ecosystem purposed to compliment technical depths, support skill and system development, enhance continual improvement in productivity and address weaknesses in Africa’s materials manufacturing value chain.

While the brief from Petrojet did evidence her extensive and admirable project profile, TWF brief presented details on Africa’s harmonized personnel qualification schemes and ISO 3834- Manufacturer Certification System, two key systems being positioned as preferred alternative to address salient short falls across manufacturing industries in Africa.

Workshop Highlights

Ayo Adeniyi, Chief Executive Officer of NIG ANB and Executive Director of TWF in response to questions and opinions raised, expressed satisfaction in the evident alignment of interest of Petrojet and TWF, and how they complement each other. While the interest of TWF is to build, sustain and integrate Africa’s manufacturing industries for maximized impact on Africa’s economy and ecosystem, the interest of Petrojet is to establish visibility and increase participation through offering of her portfolio of manufacturing competences to Africa’s industries.
TWF is committed to improving the technical experience and visibility of manufacturing champions wherever they exist across the continent. The meeting afforded both parties the opportunity to know and understand each organization’s interests, and how they complement each other with a consensus decision for Petrojet to embark on ISO 3834 Manufacturer Certification journey in order to be properly positioned for increased visibility and acknowledgement of competence by industries across Africa.TWF workshop 3.0 is in continuation of TWF sensitization and knowledge building series in manufacturing across Africa.

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