Personnel Qualification & Certification

The Welding Federation (TWF) personnel development scheme is a harmonized system that unifies skill development and evaluation to ensure proper harmonization in quality benchmarks, uniformity in manufacturing systems leading to effortless integration of skills and products in materials manufacturing across economies in Africa. TWF diplomas comes in as best recommended option for persons with desire to operate maximally, addressing technical responsibilities across Africa’s manufacturing industries.
TWF diploma combines technical requirements of international standards, key national regulations and as well unique industry realities that are common place across Africa’s industries. TWF diploma gives a full rounded insight into performance and creativity in the field from an African point of practice. TWF diploma courses are also guaranteed source of knowledge, technical exposure and experience before sitting for IIW international diploma courses for professionals planning to practice on the international scene.

TWF Welder Diploma

Developed by the TWF to achieve harmonization in the training, examination and qualification of welders specific to addressing gaps across Africa’s industries. TWF Welder diploma holder commands deep level practical skills in welding and is categorized into levels of qualification i.e.
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TWF Continental Fitter Diploma

Modern day industry responsibilities are critically task specific. TWF diploma in Fitting has been developed to achieve harmonization in the training, education, examination and qualification of fitters specific to industrial realities across Africa’s growing industries. TWF Welder diploma holder commands deep level practical skills in welding and is categorized at three levels i.e.
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TWF Welding Inspection Certification (WIC)

TWF welding inspector qualification diplomas have been developed with a critical focus to addressing welding inspection responsibilities specific to industries in Africa. The scheme combines the exposure and experience of welding inspectors and managers towards addressing industry requirements for welding inspection personnel involved in a wide range of industries. Qualification as a Welding Inspector is an ideal platform to build a career in the welding industry. This scheme addresses uniqueness of Africa’s educational and industrial realities in developing competitive personnel skills fit for both national, continental and international welding inspection activities TWF welding inspection scheme is offered at two professional levels.
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TWF Pressure Vessel Inspector (In-service Inspector)

Ideal for those involved in boiler and/or pressure vessel fabrication, repair or modification according to codes requirements. This course presents a deep and comprehensive approach to the development of competent persons across all necessary standards and codes. It offers a guaranteed channel to African countries to effectively professionalize the development of their national competent person qualification framework. This course is a key necessity for individuals wanting to become a certified Inspector of Pressurized Equipment (IPE) as national regulations mandated by different member countries.
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TWF Certificate Course - Weld Quality Management

This course aims at assisting those in welding coordination teams to understand the requirements of ISO 3834 such that they can implement the necessary processes as well as understand and familiarize themselves with their roles as stated in ISO 14731
ISO 3834 Manufacturer Certification