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ISO 3834 manufacturer certification: enhancing delivery times in manufacturing operations management


TWF in line with her vision to support the growth and development of skill and the quality of application experience of welding technology across Africa towards the creation of job and improvement of productivity, is pleased to announce commencement of implementation of ISO 3834-Manufacturer Certification System.


ISO 3834 is the most globally recognized manufacturer certification system for companies into manufacturing. The certification addresses systematically and comprehensively all factors and measures having an impact on quality in welding, which a company can develop in order to improve the manageability of its production, quality of its products, reliability of its lead times, as well as the cost-effectiveness of its manufacturing process.


For today’s competitive manufacturing outfits, it is important to identify properly those items that need to be addressed to increase its competitive ranking and confidence in its production system. These are all detailed requirements presented in ISO 3834 set of standards. Accurate Implementation of ISO 3834 helps manufacturing companies to avoid unnecessary documentation and procedures, and ensure that its quality management in place is appropriate for the range of welded products which it manufactures or intends to manufacture in the future.


TWF aims to continually promote, encourage and support manufacturing companies across African member states to adopt the most competitive personnel and system management schemes.


According to a recent investigation report on over 350 certified companies, the main purpose of 80% of companies that adopted the ISO 3834 certification scheme at the beginning was to meet the requirement of their customers but this percentage has now been reduced to 31%. Also at the beginning, the purpose of 20% of the companies was self-requirement, and now this percentage has been increased to 41%. Companies have come to realize that ISO 3834 certification can bring benefits and more business opportunities for them.


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