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Future Experts

Future Experts

Sustainability is intricately linked to the actions of today and how it affects tomorrow. Planning for tomorrow while addressing the fault lines of today is now a critical necessity for every organization. Future Experts is an extension of TWF specifically for students in academic institutions and professionals under the age of 40 in welding and related technologies.
Members of Future Experts are directly linked to TWF Mentor Committee for sustained access to career guidance and counselling. Membership of Mentor’s Committee is open to individuals (academic and industry experts) of both African and non-Africans origins that are desirous of passing knowledge to the next generation in welding.
Future Experts hold virtual and physical gatherings periodically and during TWF assemblies to share concerns and concepts on advancing interest of young persons in welding.
Future Experts: Membership Benefits

Register HERE to become a member of TWF Future Experts

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