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TWF is the welding federation. It is legal entity the umbrella association for all welding associations, institutes, or related bodies in countries across Africa.

This also includes associations in closely related practices but directly or indirectly involved in the promotion of welding in a national society.

TWF is registered as a legal entity in South Africa and the secretariat is located in SAIW in South Africa.

A support management office in Nigeria.

TWF is a continental body that functions in every country through a national representative structure, i.e., a national welding institute.

In the case where such a body does not exist in a member country, TWF, with the existing organs but works through TWF support systems towards the establishment of welding associations in such countries to assist in promoting knowledge and experience in welding.

Membership of TWF is exclusively corporate, i.e., associations, institutes, or corporations.

However, individuals who are identified by their profile as experts in welding either by qualification or experience or a combination of both in any African country are allowed to become members of any of TWF Technical Network Committees.

TWF Board is regionally composed, i.e., primarily it constitutes regional representation by institutes or associations in welding and related practices on behalf of regions in Africa, where they exist.

The Board is further complemented with representatives of related industry associations representing regions.

TWF committees comprise exclusively of Africa’s leading experts in the field of welding and related technologies. Collectively, they review and develop activities and solutions for the growth of welding in Africa.

TWF assembly is the climax of activities in each calendar year. These assemblies are hosted annually by different member countries but subject to rotation across each region, i.e., North , West , East, and Southern Africa regions.

Other TWF activities also include symposiums and workshops, which are hosted by different member countries based on interest and or request.

TWF is Africa’s platform for collective development and contribution to the global development of welding for verifiable socioeconomic impact in Africa.

It does not negate or compete against IIW but compliments IIW activities to the objective of IIW, which is to improve the global quality of life through the application of welding technology.

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our vision

Be the vanguard network linking industry, research, education and policy makers towards contributing to the advancement of welding and joining science for a safer industrial Africa and the world

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