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Ethiopian Federal Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute becomes TWF member



Ethiopian Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute (FTVETI). Established in 2011 by The Council of Ministers Proclamation 245/2011 to produce highly professional and technically efficient TVET teachers and leaders, FTVETI engages in the delivery of quality short- and long-term training, demand-based research, technology and consultancy services in support of micro and small-scale enterprises. A firm commitment to the development of human capacities that are competent, innovative, resourceful, based on modern outcome-based learning system and occupational standards.

FTVETI is one of the leading learning institutions in East Africa and constantly establishing new alliances to be properly positioned to serve the Ethiopian and East African educational and skill development needs. Six academic faculties, about nineteen departments and a very rigid educational quality assurance framework. FTEVIT brings to the table of TWF Board, a rich blend of culture and an unrivaled commitment to thrive and contribute to a socioeconomically productive Africa amidst all challenges.

TWF Board is very pleased with the contributions of Ethiopia through FTVEITI thus far and would like to state in simple words, Welcome to the Board. We are confident your position on the Board will foster deeper collaborations, as we join efforts to build a system that truly caters for the interest of Africans and prioritizes the interest of African member industries.

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