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ESAB official sponsor of TWF CWC 2024

The Welding Federation is pleased to announce ESAB as the official sponsor of TWF Continental Welding Competition-Africa (TWF CWC 2024). This was formalized after signing of the sponsorship rights on the 26th of July,2023 witnessed by Ayo Adeniyi on behalf of the TWF Conference Management Committee. TWF CWC is a key component of TWF Conference and Exhibition on Materials Manufacturing Technologies: Managing Capacity Africa which holds from 5-8 March, 2024 – Lagos, Nigeria. TWF CWC 2024 is open to welders from and within Africa’s industries. Welders participating in the competition from each country shall be endorsed by either a national welding association or a reputable training institution with a cover letter (verified onsite).

More than one participant is allowed to register from a country stating clearly the category or categories of interest in the competition and registration is accessible on

Category 1: SMAW
Category 2: GMAW

Category 3: Finished Product Winners in each of the categories will be awarded price laurels by ESAB and have will also get the opportunity to attract attention of leading manufacturing companies in Africa. The purpose of TWF CWC is not necessarily to distinguish between best and bad welders, but to create an environment that positively inspires a self-motivated stretch of the elastic limit of welding skills in Africa, that complement dynamic industry demands though practice, experience sharing and building of friendships across the continent.

About ESAB
ESAB stands for Elektriska Svetsnings – Aktiebolaget, which is a Swedish-American industrial company that specializes in welding and cutting equipment and consumables. The ultimate parent company of ESAB is ESAB Corporation, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. ESAB provides advanced equipment, consumables, specialty gas control, robotics, and digital solutions for fabrication and specialty gas control technology. ESAB was founded in 1904 by Oscar Kjellberg, who invented the world’s first coated welding electrode. ESAB has a global portfolio of more than 40 brands and is a leader in fabrication technology.

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