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Centre for Metallurgical Research Development Institute hosts TWF workshop 3.0 in Cairo, Egypt


Egypt Sets the Pace for Integration of Manufacturing in North Africa

The Welding Federation (TWF) workshop which was hosted by Central Metallurgical Research Development Institute (CMRDI) in Cairo, Egypt on the 23rd of February, 2022 has been concluded with resounding success. The impact of this workshop is set to trigger many positives both in Egypt and across Africa.

In attendance at this workshop were senior representatives from Petrojet, Arab Organization Industries, Arab Contractors, STCE, Helwan Company M & E – Factory 99, Higher Institute of Engineering-Culture and Science City, Upper Egypt Electricity production company, Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, Kader Factory for developed industries-AOI, Bapetco, Seaharvest oil and gas Company and a host of other frontline companies, as well as universities in Egypt.

Workshop Highlights

The theme, application of advanced processes to weld difficult to weld materials was apt. Presentations by Prof Abdelmonem El-Batahgy .and Dr Hamed Abdel-Aleem shared scientific, technical and economic details on application of advanced processes based CMRDI experience in welding of difficult materials. Appropriate recommendations on their adoption across industries in Africa for the benefits they offer despite cost. Amongst several references, the presentations gave details on CMRDI research position into the welding of high strength and cryogenic steels. Building of cryogenic vessels is at the moment a burning subject of interest across Africa’s industries. A capacity that needs to be built, Africanized and perfected.

CRMDI which represents Egypt on the Board of TWF, has over forty years’ experience across foundry, powder metallurgy and a testing facility that is placed at par with any of the very best in the world.CRMDI has extensive research experience with vast range of industrial solutions developed. CRMDI activities has led to the establishment of several industries in Egypt, including production of an engine block that has met all standard requirements and now licensed as the engine block for vehicles in Egypt’s automotive industries”In the words of Prof Emad Ewais, Chairman of CRMDI, “Egypt through CRMDI is fully committed to put the weight of her experience into TWF activities, to develop manufacturing capacity and capabilities across Africa. The extent of possibilities is very high, if we can objectively work together through the Federation, building strengths across member countries and addressing weaknesses where they exist. We are therefore pleased to offer our facility as a choice research location to TWF for the benefit of Africa.”TWF workshop 3.0 is in continuation of TWF sensitization and knowledge building series in manufacturing across Africa.

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