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Developing standard practices in welding & allied practices across African member countries

The Welding Federation (TWF) is a pan-African organization headquartered in South Africa with the aim of domesticating and domiciling welding capacity within the African region to serve the need of its manufacturing industries. Membership spreads across South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Mozambique, Kenya, Namibia, Liberia and others in process.
TWF is an African content platform that encourages capacity development in welding technology and its optimization through equitable access to verified technical information, experience sharing integration of research and development activities.
TWF activities are anchored on commonality of challenges in Africa’s materials manufacturing industries and address same through and integrated approach to trend monitoring, development of best practices, recommendation on adoption of viable systems and solutions in welding technology and its management.
TWF activities and services on building national welding capacities across Africa’s member countries for sustained socioeconomic impacts are implemented through national welding societies, association, agencies and other corporate bodies.


Leadership of the Federation is the responsibility of its Board composed of a representative of leading welding institutes of associations across Africa and two independent representatives. Representatives in the Board represent a combination of industry and training interests in welding.

The leadership activities of TWF Board are supported by advice from TWF Fellow and team of Experts across Africa.

Daily operations and administrative affairs are managed by TWF administrative office.

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