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Championing Improved Application Experience in Materials Joining Technologies across African Industries.

The Welding Federation (TWF) is a pan-African organization headquartered in South Africa with the aim of domesticating and domiciling welding capacity within the African region to serve the need of its manufacturing industries. Membership spreads across South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Mozambique, Kenya, Namibia, Liberia and others in process.
TWF is an African content platform that encourages capacity development in welding technology and its optimization through equitable access to verified technical information, experience sharing integration of research and development activities.

Goals & Objectives:

Goal. 01
To engage in collaborations with frontline organizations whether government or industries towards consistently developing industrially relevant solutions.
Goal. 02
To establish a platform to recognize the contributions of Africans to the development of the science and application of materials joining.
Goal. 03
To establish a platform to harmonize knowledge in welding science and technology to promote uniform growth across industries in Africa.
Goal. 04
To establish an objective system that drives the collective interest of all member countries in building and integrating capacity.
Goal. 05
To promote collaboration among African countries, in all matters of common interest relating to the development and use of welding technology.
Goal. 06
To establish an education, training, qualification and certification system for implementation across African industries that is complimentary to international schemes and addresses specific industry demands for industries in Africa.
our mission

The overall mission of the WeldFA is: To improve the science and application of welding and joining in Africa.

Member Countries
Years Experience
South Africa
management focus

Driving Agenda 2063:
The Africa,

Africa’s agenda 2063 and UN SDG 2030 agenda are both key instruments for TWF. They both capture the essence and underscores a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity of all people and the planet, now and into the future. Agenda 2063 however, reemphasizes needs critical and comments to Africa.
TWF activities are linked to building and sustaining the Africa, Africans want through an integrated model that complement actualization of both the African agenda 2063 and United Nations Social Development Goals.

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