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Manufacturing in Africa.
TWF is Africa’s body of professionals and professional organizations, associations and institutions in welding and related technology. Established in the year 2017, incorporated in South Africa, with membership spread across Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Uganda, Libya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Cameroon, Kenya and others. TWF promotes harmonized personnel development schemes for the integration and growth of Africa’s manufacturing industries. Member Countries
Access More Information TWF Certifications. The Welding Federation (TWF) personnel development schemes is a harmonized scheme that unifies skill development and evaluation to ensure proper harmonization in quality benchmarks, uniformity in manufacturing systems leading to effortless trade of manufactured materials across economies in Africa. TWF scheme is Africa’s reliable system for identifying and addressing burdens, opportunities and materials manufacturing industry challenges across Africa. Next Steps Access More Information ISO 3834 Certification. TWF in collaboration with SAIW Certification is committed to helping your company achieve and maintain ISO 3834 certification in an as easy, cost-effective and productive manner as possible to provide you with a tangible return on your investment. ISO 3834 certification boosts a manufacturer’s ability to sell its products in domestic and international markets. This is because compliance with ISO 3834 provides recognition and assurance of their capabilities and globally recognised welding standards. Next Steps Access More Information TWF Workshop 5.0 TWF Capacity Building workshops are fast becoming the continent’s flagship program for guiding awareness and building capacity in welding technology towards growing manufacturing across Africa. The workshops are digitized and hosted by countries across regions in Africa.

Join the interactions and establish new alliances across the continent.
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The overall mission of the Welding Federation of Africa — WeldFA is: To improve the science and application of welding and joining in Africa.


Be the vanguard network linking industry, research, education and policy makers towards contributing to the advancement of welding and joining science for a safer industrial Africa and the world


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Championing Improved Application Experience in Materials Joining Technologies across African Industries

The Welding Federation –Africa (WeldFA) is an association of national welding societies and stakeholders of member countries in the African continent. WeldFA is a ‘Not for Profit’ organization with its incorporated office in South Africa. It is the continental body responsible for championing activities in engineering, science and application of joining technologies; providing a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, industry and educators, and disseminating leading-edge information and best practices.


11 Countries

Continental Goals


To establish a platform to recognize the contributions of Africans to the development of the science of materials joining


To establish an education, training, qualification and certification system for implementation across African industries that is complimentary to IIW schemes and acceptable by industries across Africa


To establish an objective system that drives the collective interest of all member countries


To establish a platform to harmonize knowledge in welding science and technology to promote uniform growth across industries in Africa


To engage in collaborations with frontline organizations towards consistently developing industrially relevant solutions


To promote collaboration among African countries, in all matters of common interest relating to the development and use of welding technology.






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PUBLIC NOTICE: TWF Regional Workshop 5.0 (Hybrid Edition): Establishing and Growing National Content in Welding Technology. Date: 19 October, 2022. Time: 09:00 - 11:30am (Uganda Time). Register Now!